Yes! I want to make a difference to the life of an orphan

Become a LIFECHANGER and give an orphan the opportunity they deserve. 100% of online donations are spent on educating orphans.

By sponsoring an orphan, you are beginning a special adventure, because the orphan you sponsor could be a source of inspiration. Not only do you enrich his or her world but they also yours. YES, I AM LIFECHANGER

Why sponsor an orphan?

More than 5,000 children live on the streets of Kathmandu in Nepal where there is a lack of basic needs such as shelter, healthy food, clean drinking water, education and above all: Love. Lots of love!

It’s unimaginable how a child can grow up without parents and having to figure out their own destiny without any guidance. Yet there are many children that do not have anyone at all to guide them.

Every child in the world deserves the chance of a better future. Here, at the Ombir Family, orphans receive this very opportunity, the opportunity they deserve.

How does it work?

The sponsorship of an orphan begins a special adventure because the orphan you sponsor could be a source of inspiration. Not only do you enrich his or her world but they also yours.

The sponsorship of an orphan starts at €100 per month. We ask that you commit your sponsorship from today until your sponsor has graduated. The duration of the trajectory depends on the age of the orphan and is therefore different per child.

Hey LIFECHANGER, this is what you get in return

As a LIFECHANGER, you are involved in the life of your sponsor child. OMBIR foundation will keep you informed of the progress of your sponsor child. You will receive letters, photos and regular updates.

It’s a special experience to build a personal relationship, especially when it becomes clear that your contribution makes a huge difference in the life of your sponsor child.

Sponsoring an orphan together?

Sponsor a child as a duo or group and provide better living conditions and future opportunities. Then you become LIFECHANGER together, share the costs and make a difference to the life of an orphan.

If you sponsor an orphan, Ombir Foundation invests your contribution in the life and future of your sponsor child. Not only do you contribute to better living conditions and future chances of one orphan, but also to a better life for all orphans in the Ombir Family.

Ombir Family provides protection, healthy nutrition, safe and clean drinking water, good health care and good education. In short: the chance of a brighter, more prosperous future.

As a sponsor, you will be informed of how your contribution is used and you will see how your contribution impacts an orphan’s life.

For only a few euros a day, you can give an orphan like Ombir the opportunity to grow in a safe and loving environment. With healthy food, safe and clean drinking water, healthcare and education.

Every day, a member of the Ombir Family, helps him or her to stand on their own two feet. This allows orphans, just as Ombir, to grow into loving adults.

Ik ben zo blij dat je hier bent geland

Mick Bröcker is founder van de Ombir Foundation, meditatie teacher en schrijver op het gebied van persoonlijke ontwikkeling, meditatie en mindfulness. Als life teacher begeleidt hij mensen op hun zoektocht naar een liefdevol, gelukkig en betekenisvol leven. Mick verdiept zich al jaren in mindfulness, het Tibetaans Boeddhisme en de kracht van meditatie. Na het overlijden van zijn Oma, vertrok Mick voor onbepaalde tijd naar Tibet. Hier leefde hij samen met Tibetaanse monniken in een klooster.
Zij onderwezen hem maandenlang in de eeuwenoude Tibetaanse wijsheid, levenswijsheid. Bij terugkomst in Nederland richtte hij de Ombir Foundation op. Om 11+ weeskinderen werkelijk een kans op een betere toekomst te geven. Momenteel schrijft Mick zijn eerste boek – Ombir – welke eind 2017 verschijnt. Mick’s missie is om inzicht en wijsheid te delen, zodat jij een gelukkig, liefdevol en betekenisvol leven kunt leven. Zijn levensmotto is: wees de verandering die je in de wereld wilt zien.

I'm so glad you landed here

Mick Bröcker is the founder of the Ombir Foundation, meditation teacher and writer in personal development, meditation and mindfulness.

As a life teacher, he guides people on their quest for a loving, happy and meaningful life. For years, Mick has been focusing on mindfulness, Tibetan Buddhism and the power of meditation. After the death of his grandmother, Mick departed for an indefinite period to Tibet where he lived in a monastery with Tibetan monks.For months, they taught him the ancient Tibetan wisdom, the wisdom of life.Upon returning to The Netherlands, he founded the Ombir Foundation. To give 11+ orphans a real chance of a better future.Currently Mick is writing his first book - Ombir - which will appear at the end of 2017.Mick's mission is to share insight and wisdom to live a happy, loving and meaningful life. His life motto is: Be the change you want to see in the world. YES, I AM LIFECHANGER