Ombir Foundation
Let these children steal your heart

We believe that every child should grow up in a loving and safe family environment. Currently, the Ombir Foundation offers 11+ orphans in Nepal the basics needed for their development. Shelter, food, education and love. Lots of love!


The orphan with whom it all began…

Sometimes you meet someone who changes your life. I met Ombir for the first time in the summer of 2014. A very positive and happy boy with a lust for life. I asked him, “What is the one thing that you would like the most in the whole world?” “Love,” he answered. I slumped to my knees and embraced his fragile body. In his beaming eyes, I saw a child looking back at me. A golden smile on his face and beaming eyes. At that moment, I saw the enormous power and the potential of giving as little as love to just one child. An 11-year-old boy’s greatest dream was something as simple as love. This answer changed his life.

Ombir and the other orphans have become my family. And if I have learned one thing from these children, it’s that we need to take care of our family – wherever we can find them in the world.

In early 2016 I founded my own foundation – the Ombir Foundation, named after the boy that inspired me with the greatest dream of building a new home, and giving Ombir and the other children a chance to have a better future. For as long as one of these children, with an outstretched hand, is asking for nothing more than love, my mission will continue!

The orphan with whom it all began…

This is Ombir. He is eleven years old and aspires to be a professional footballer. Three times a week he is getting up at 05:30 to train at a football field nearby. The team is not only busy scoring goals but are also concentrating on training their abdominal muscles. Ombir is always very proud to show off his six-pack!

Once, while on his way to the football field, his eye was caught by a piece of newspaper fluttering across the street. It was his lucky day, there was an image of Messi on this piece of newspaper. This was perfect for sticking into his scrapbook!

Ombir was born in a very small village in the south of Nepal. He lived with his parents and younger brother in a hut made of bamboo. Ombir grew up in pure poverty and with only one meal a day, the chance of survival was small.

After his father died, Ombir’s sick mother brought him here. Here, Ombir received what he needed. Shelter, food, education and love. Lots of love! But above all, a chance of a better future.

At the beginning of 2016 I founded my own foundation – the Ombir Foundation, named after the boy that inspired me. 24/7, I take care of the orphans here in Nepal.

I made it my life’s mission to take care of these children and from here my greatest dream was born. A dream of building a new house (home) because every child deserves to grow up in a safe and loving environment. To achieve this, we need your help.

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Orphanage in Nepal

“They say that home is where the heart is, and for most people, it consists of four walls and a welcome mat. For me, that means the orphans in Nepal, with their beautiful smiling faces. “- Mick Bröcker – founder Ombir Foundation.

Every orphan needs family and every child needs love. We are providing these orphans with the assurance of being able to grow up in our loving Ombir Family. Thus, preventing them from being alone.

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10 million Nepalese children have a lack of reading, writing and numeracy skills

We believe every child is entitled to a good education regardless of gender, background, religion or culture. Education opens the door to the future and reduces poverty, giving children the chance to outline a brighter and more prosperous future. Every child should have a fair chance of a future, shouldn’t they?

Give orphans the opportunity they deserve and change their lives in Nepal. Give them hope, trust and above all – a scholarship.

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